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Distance and Direction Reasoning Questions Hello students , we will give you some information about the chapter of reasoning which is prepared from the point of view of competitive examination. In this article, through the medium, information will also be made available about which chapters are useful especially for competitive exams.

Distance and Direction Reasoning in Hindi

Questions from Distance and Direction Reasoning, direction reasoning tricks in Hindi are mostly asked in SSC CHSL, CGL and Railway exams, 3-4 questions are asked from this chapter in ssc. Every question has an important contribution for success in any competitive examination, through reasoning direction notes, you will be able to solve the questions of this chapter because in this notes tricks along with such selected questions have been given which are similar to the previous ones. have been asked over the years.

This chapter may contain questions based on the following types:-

  • direction definition
  • direction name
  • watch related question
  • direction based questions
  • Direction and Distance Questions
  • Questions based on both Direction and Distance
  • Important questions related to North, South, East, West

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Distance and Direction Reasoning notes in Hindi PDF Download

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Distance and Direction Reasoning Notes PDF Download
200+ Distance and Direction Reasoning Questions in Hindi PDF Download

Distance and Direction Reasoning Questions in Hindi PDF

Today’s our post is related to the topic Reasoning Notes PDF  , in this post we will provide you LInk to do 200+ Distance and Direction Reasoning Questions in Hindi PDF ! By clicking on the link you will be able to download the PDF. Which will be useful in all types of competitive exams coming to you.

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Reasoning Question in Hindi

Q.1 If the letters of the word UNIVERSAL are arranged alphabetically and each letter is represented by their consecutive numbers starting from the left of this rearrangement sequence, then what will be the difference of total mathematical values ​​of vowels and consonants?
A 19
B 17
C 21
D 20

Answer – B

Q.2 In a particular code PULSE is written as DRKTO and NEW as VDM. How will PROBES be written in this code?

Answer – A

Q.3 State which one of the following is different from the others?
A Rose
B Jasmine
C Hibiscus
D Lotus

Answer – D

Q.4 Direction : A + B means ‘A is father of B’. A – B means ‘A is wife of B’. A × B means ‘A is brother of B’. A B means ‘A is daughter of B’. Which of the following statements is true for the expression P R + S + Q?
AP is the daughter of Q, Q is the
aunt of P.
C is the aunt of Q.
P is the mother of Q.

Q.5 Oasis : Sand : : Island : …..?
A River
B Sea
C Water
D Waves

Answer – C
Direction & Distance Questions In Hindi PDF Download PDF