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Download free pdf of “Gaban”. Written in 1931, Gaban is Munshi Premchand’s most popular novel which paints a very vivid picture of the society of North India before independence. Ramanath’s wife Jalpa is so fond of jewelry that she is ready to go to any extent for it. And in order to fulfill his wife’s desire for jewels, Ramanath gets into such a big dilemma, in which he even puts the honor of his family at stake. How Jalpa solves that confusion – the readable story of this mess is embezzlement

Gaban, one of the most celebrate d novels of Munshi Premchand, was first published in 1931. It tells the story of Ramanath, a charming but morally weak young man, who in order to fulfil his beautiful wife’s Jalpa excessive craving for jewellery involves himself in complex economic and personal relationships, which eventually leads to his apparent ignominy, and his escape from home. He doesn’t even bother to realise that by doing so he brings disgrace to his family honour and leaves his dear wife alone.


Gaban Book Details

Book Name गबन | Gaban
Author प्रेमचंद – Premchand
Category Sahitya Books, Hindi Books
Book Language हिंदी | Hindi
Pages 309
Country India
Book Size 91 MB

Gaban Book PDF Download

Gaban Book PDF Download

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