Price List of Standard Books for UPSC IAS Books for UPSC Civil Services Prelims and Mains Exam

We are showing you the list of all the books and the price of the book to prepare for the Union Public Service Commission, we are telling you through our articles through which you will be able to know that you need to prepare for the entire Union Public Service Commission. Mainly the standard book which is needed by all the UPSC toppers is what is their price, how much book money you have to pay, you must buy all these books and read it because all these books are sent to your Union Public Service Commission. Preparation is the best book to prepare, which we are giving you, all these books are based on the latest Union Public Service Commission Syllabus.

यूनियन पब्लिक सर्विस कमीशन की तैयारी करने के लिए सभी पुस्तक की लिस्ट तथा पुस्तक की प्राइस हम आपको दिखा रहे हैं हम आपको अपने आर्टिकल्स के माध्यम से बता रहे हैं जिसके माध्यम से आप यह जान पाएंगे कि आपको पूरे यूनियन पब्लिक सर्विस कमीशन की तैयारी करने में प्रमुख रूप से जिस स्टैंडर्ड पुस्तक की जरूरत होती है जो सभी यूपीएससी टॉपर्स पढ़ते हैं उनके क्या प्राइस है आपको कितने पुस्तक के पैसे पेमेंट करने होंगे आपको इन सभी पुस्तकों को जरूर खरीदना चाहिए और इसे पढ़नी चाहिए क्योंकि यह सभी पुस्तकें आपके यूनियन पब्लिक सर्विस कमीशन को तैयार करने में तैयारी करने की सबसे बेहतरीन पुस्तक है जो हम आपको दे रहे हैं यह सभी पुस्तकें लेटेस्ट यूनियन पब्लिक सर्विस कमीशन सिलेबस के आधार पर है

1.       UPSC Syllabus Pre and Mains – Disha 40
Latest Test Series
1.       Vajiram and Ravi – Classroom 200
2.       Vision – Classroom 700
Previous Year Question Paper
1.       UPSC General Studies Preliminary Solved Paper 1 and 2 – Disha 335
2.       Compulsory (Anivarya)  Hindi Solved Paper (Paper A) – Disha 100
3.       Compulsory English Solved Paper (Paper B) – Disha 80
4.       Essay Solved Papers (Paper1) – Disha 176
5.       General Studies Mains Solved Paper(GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4)/(Paper 2 to 5)- Disha 300
6.       Topic Wise Solution of Previous Year Sociology Mains Solved Paper – Chronicle 319
7.       Anthropology Mains Solved Papers – Subhash Chandra Gahlawat / Chronicle 239
History Books
·         India’s Ancient Past by R.S. Sharma published by Oxford University Press 300
·         History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra published by Orient Longman 251
·         History of Modern India by Bipin Chandra 200
·         India After Independence by Bipin Chandra 400
·         Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania 535
·         Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe 465
·         Certificate Physical & Human Geography (Oxford) by Goh Cheng Leong 225
·         School Atlas – Orient Black Swan 315
·         Indian Geography by D. R. Khullar 574
·         Geography of India – Majid Hussain 610
·         Geography of World – Majid Hussain 374
·         Indian Society by M. Senthil Kumar and S. Rijesh 280
Indian Polity
·         Indian Polity by Laxmikant 392
·         Constitution of India by D D Basu 350
·         Indian Foreign Policy by Rajiv Sikri 458
·         Universal’s Guide To All India Bar Examination 749
·         From Government to Governance by Kuldeep Mathur 85
·         Governance in India by Laxmikant 336
·         Panchayati Raj in India by Kuldeep Mathur 190
International Relations
·         India’s Foreign Policy Since Independence by V.P. Dutt 137
·         International Relations by Pushpesh Pant 236
Indian Economy
·         Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh 622
·         Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma 279
·         Economic Survey 140
Environment & Ecology
·         Environment and Ecology Khullar and Rao 320
Disaster Management
·         Disaster Management by P Kumar 273
·         Challenges to Internal Security of India by Ashok Kumar and Vipul 260
·         India’s Security in a Turbulent World by Jasjit Singh, published by National Book Trust of India 80
Basic Science
·         Encyclopedia of General Science by Arihant 200
Science & Technology
·         Science and Technology By Ravi P Agrahari 358
Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude
·         Ethics Integrity and Aptitude by G Subba Rao 361
·         Ethics in Governance, ARC Report 300
·         Lexicon by Chronicle Publications 233
·         Essential Sociology Nitin Sangwan 545
·         Sociology by John J. Macionis and Reema Bhatia 801
·         Anthropology Simplified By Dr Vivek Bhasme 491
·         Anthropology Demystified by Akshat Jain 354
·         Anthropology by Corol Ember and Melvin Ember 526
1.       Civil Services Interview – Madhukar Kumar Bhagat 235
Social Justice
1.       Social Justice by J K Chopra 300
2.       Contemporary Social Issues By Swarak Swain 295
Compulsory English
·         Compulsory English by A P Bhardwaj 418
Compulsory Hindi
·         Samanya Hindi avam Nibandh By J. K Chopra 250
·         Mastering Essay & Answer Writing By Awdesh Singh 105
·         151 Essays for IAS/ PCS & other Competitive Exams By Disha 195
·         Cracking the CSAT Paper-2 by Arihant 735
·         The Secret Code of UPSC Toppers by Avinash Agarwal 188
Prelims Mind Map
·         Mindmap Ancient (In English) by Arora IAS 199
·         Mindmap Prachin Bharat (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 199
·         Mindmap Medieval Histry (In English) by Arora IAS 199
·         Mindmap Badhiyakalin Bharat (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 199
·         Mindmap Modern History (In English) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap Adhunik Bharat (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap Art and Culture (In English) by Arora IAS 199
·         Mindmap Kala and sanskriti (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 199
·         MindMap Geography (In English) by Arora IAS 579
·         Mindmap Bhugol (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 579
·         Mindmap Polity by Arora Ias (English) by Arora IAS 349
·         Mindmap Rajvayastha (Hindi) by Arora IAS 349
·         Mindmap Economy (In English) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap Arthvayastha (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap Environment by Arora ias (In English) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap Prayavaran (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap Ethics (In English) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap Nitisastra (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap General Science (In English) by Arora IAS 399
·         Mindmap Vigyan (In Hindi) by Arora IAS 399

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