Byju’s Class 10 Science Assignment and Notes

CBSE Science Notes for Class 10 is a crucial study material for students. It is important for every student to study effectively and score good marks in the CBSE Class 10 board exam. In order to help students to develop a proper study methodology and succeed in their exams, we are providing chapter-wise CBSE Class 10 Notes. Students can go through these notes and refer to them meticulously while studying.

The NCERT Class 10 Science Notes include detailed explanations, along with illustrative examples, solved questions, as well sample questions for students from NCERT books. The CBSE Notes will seemingly help them to get a good grip and a clear insight into all the important concepts. The style and format used are very simple, making it easy for students to retain as well as remember each concept easily for a longer time.

Chapter-wise CBSE Class 10 Science Notes

Class 10 science basically includes some important chapters from the NCERT book, like chemical reactions and equations, electricity, magnetic effects of electric current, acids, bases and salts, control and coordination, reflection and refraction of light, carbon and its compounds, etc. In the table below, we have provided the CBSE Class 10 Science Notes on all these topics. Click on the links below to access the chapter-wise notes of the Class 10 science subject.

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1. Chemical reactions and Equations. CLICK HERE

2. Acids Bases and Salts CLICK HERE

3. Metals and Non-metals CLICK HERE

4. Carbon and its Compounds CLICK HERE

5. Periodic Classification of Elements COMING SOON…..

6. Life Processes CLICK HERE

7. Control and Coordination CLICK HERE

8. How do organism reproduce CLICK HERE

9. Heredity and evolution CLICK HERE

10. Light reflection and refraction CLICK HERE

11. Human eye and colourful world COMING SOON……

12. Electricity CLICK HERE

13. Magnetic effect of electric current CLICK HERE

14. Sources of energy CLICK HERE

15. Our environment CLICK HERE

16. Management of natural resources CLICK HERE


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