Chemistry Hand Written Notes for NEET & JEE MAINS DOWNLOAD PDF

Hello friends, today I’m sharing chemistry handwritten notes. The links associated with this page contain some PDF files with handwritten notes of various individuals. You can use any handwritten notes PDF file for your strategy. Before you start your planning, I should give you a couple of rules, which can help you with being more prepared. You always start your preparation thinking that firstly you will collect all the subject study material and then you will use it for your preparation but happens is you end up collecting study material only and not get time to use it. So I will advise you to use whatever you’ve got instead of searching for more & more study material and handwritten notes.

You can this material directly as you want to use or else you can do what is you can make your own handwritten notes taking help from this study material.

Thank you and all the best for your preparation. May god bless you with everything you have desires for.

Handwritten Notes Of Chemistry

  1. Mole Concept. Download pdf
  2. Atomic Structure Download pdf
  3. Period table. Download pdf
  4. Chemical Bonding Download pdf
  5. Gaseous state. Download pdf
  6. Thermodyn.& thermochem. Download pdf
  7. Chemical Equilibrium. Download pdf
  8. Ionic Equilibrium. Download pdf
  9. S- block Element. Download pdf
  10. Boran & Carbon family. Download pdf
  11. Redox Reaction. Download pdf
  12. P- block(15,16,17,18). Download pdf
  13. D& f block Element. Download pdf
  14. Coordination Compound Download pdf
  15. IUPAC Nomenclature. Download pdf
  16. Isomerism. Download pdf
  17. GOC-1. Download pdf
  18. Goc 2. Download pdf
  19. Chemical kinetics. Download pdf
  20. Electrochemistry. Download pdf
  21. Solution. Download pdf
  22. Hydrocarbon. Download pdf
  23. Halogen Derivative. Download pdf
  24. Alco. phenol& Ether. Download pdf
  25. Aldehyde & Ketone. Download pdf
  26. N-Containg CompoundDownload pdf
  27. Solid State Download pdf
  28. Important Organic Conv. Download pdf


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