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Professional Background: Carrying a successful history, he has worked with various renowned institutes such as Career Point, Bansal Classes, and Allen Career Institute. He has tied up with ETOOSINDIA in order to share his brilliant tips and tricks of chemistry through the E-learning arena.
Teaching Experience: He started his journey of being a chemistry teacher 19 years back since then he has acted as a strong pillar for Kota Education system.
He has earned recognition as a scholar in the exchange program with Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland.
He has inspired lakhs of students throughout the country with his intelligence.
His Guided Student:
Divyansh Singhal (AIR-48) JEE ADV 2023
Nishita Purohit (AIR-1) AIIMS – 2017
Harsh Aggarwal (AIR-5) AIIMS – 2017
Harshit Anand (AIR-7) AIIMS – 2017
Brij Nandan Kalya (AIR-450) IIT JEE-Adv – 2019
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