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Highlights Of The Book;
Complete Biology is aimed at aspirants appearing in NEET and other medical college entrance examinations. It covers the latest syllabi of these examinations and is broadly based on the NCERT curriculum. The book offers comprehensive theory and a plethora of questions, carefully selected for meaningful practice and to test one’s understanding of the concepts.
Key Features:
1. Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus
2. Text supplemented by diagrams and tables
3. Each chapter begins with an “Introduction” providing a background of the topic
4. The section ‘You Need to Know’ in each chapter presents the must know facts
5. ‘Multiple Choice Questions’ and ‘Selected Questions’ from past years’ papers have been included in each chapter
6. “Target Medical Entrance Examinations” section contains questions similar to the ones appearing in the actual examination
7. Answer Key for all MCQs and “Hints” for selected questions are given.
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