Engineering Economics PDF Download

Download Free PDF Book “Engineering Economics” By R. Panneerselvam.

Engineering Economics Book contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Elementary Economic Analysis
  4. Interest Formulas and their Applications
  5. Present Worth Method of Comparison
  6. Future Worth Method
  7. Annual Equivalent Method
  8. Rate of Return Method
  9. Replacement and Maintenance Analysis
  10. Depreciation
  11. Evaluation of Public Alternatives
  12. Inflation Adjusted Decisions
  13. Inventory Control
  14. Make or Buy Decision
  15. Project Management
  16. Value Analysis/Value Engineering
  17. Linear Programming
  18. References
  19. Appendix – Interest Tables
  20. Index

Engineering Economics Book Details

Book Name Engineering Economics
Author R. Panneerselvam
Category Economics Books, Civil Engineering Books
Book Language English
Publisher PHI Learning Private Limited New Delhi
Pages 240
Country India
Book Size 2 MB

Engineering Economics Book PDF Download

Engineering Economics Book PDF Download

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