EPFO Previous Year Question Paper pdf

EPFO Previous Year Question Paper pdf,epfo enforcement officer previous year question paper pdf,epfo assistant previous year question paper pdf Hello students, in today’s article we are going to share UPSC EPFO ​​Previous Year Question Paper pdf for you whoever aspirants All those who are preparing for UPSC EPFO ​​can complete their practice by downloading the EPFO ​​Question Paper with Answer Key provided by us.

UPSC epfo Previous Year Question Paper pdf

Students, before preparing for any government job, it is necessary to understand or know about it, competitive candidates preparing for UPSC EPFO, it is also necessary to be aware of EPFO ​​Syllabus and Pattern, on the basis of which you can prepare for EPFO. |

We want to tell the candidates who are taking the exam through UPSC Hindi Medium that it is a bit difficult to get the selection in UPSC preparation through Hindi medium as compared to English medium but if you answer any question clearly then you will get good marks. There is no difficulty in getting

Most of the candidates feel that the selection of the candidates of UPSC Hindi Medium is not done easily, so we want to tell such students that it is not so at all, before doing any preparation, do not keep any kind of confusion in mind. After that you focus only on preparation.

If you have been an average student in studies, then according to UPSC Toppers, first of all you should assume that you need to work continuously for a long time, for which you need to fix your time table without wasting time, after which you Keep concentrating on your studies continuously according to the same time table.

  1. First of all you should set your time table which requires 5-6 hours of study per day.
  2. Apart from books, make handwritten notes by yourself, in which include the questions asked in the previous year question paper.
  3. In the Handwritten Notes created by you, note such small points which are of only one and two lines. Which kept revising from time to time.
  4. There are common questions in every exam which have been asked many times in the last many years, there is a need to remember such questions so that you can answer the question as soon as you read it.
  5. Highlighter or Underline the topic which seems important so that if you ever read the same question again, your attention can be attracted towards it.

In case of preparing for more than one government job, you can write the year of the questions asked and the date of the exam, so that you can understand the type of questions asked in the upcoming exam.

Note: – The subject which you find difficult, you need to give more time, as well as the subject which you understand very easily or the subject in which you have good understanding, that is the subject in the preparation of UPSC. Select for Optional.

Topics asked in UPSC EPFO Question Paper 2021

Check the topics asked in the UPSC EPFO 2021 Question Paper below

General English

  1. It’s time you went out and ___ your own living.
  2. The elephant fell into a ___ the hunters had set.
  3. The dress isn’t really tight. It’ll ____ when you have worn it.
  4. With his back to the old man, he stood at the window, fist clenched, and his shoulders ___ with his choked sobbing.
  5. The bereaved mother proudly received the gallantry award ___ her brave son who had laid down his life in the recent war.
  6. Find the opposite meaning (antonym) word of : lavish
  7.  Find the opposite meaning (antonym)  word of : Valour
  8. Find the opposite meaning (antonym)  word of : fertile
  9. Find the opposite meaning (antonym)  word of : immigrants
  10. Find the opposite meaning (antonym)  word of : elementary
  11. Find the nearest in meaning (synonyms) word of: Carnage
  12. Find the nearest in meaning (synonyms) word of: Religious
  13. Find the nearest in meaning (synonyms) word of: Imagine
  14. Find the nearest in meaning (synonyms) word of: invades
  15. Find the nearest in meaning (synonyms) word of: liberal
  16. Spot the Error: Neither the servant nor the clerk has done this.
  17. Spot the Error: The car which went past us when we were driving on the highway must have been doing at least a hundred miles per hour.
  18. Spot the Error: Raju will go back home in a year after his stay abroad.
  19. Spot the Error: I have much work to do.
  20. Psychology didn’t develop into a science-based on careful observation and experimentation until the late 1800s.

  1. Nirguana Bhakti refers to
  2. What did Ain-i-Akbari seek to promote within the frontier of the Mughal State?
  3. Gandhi’s Salt March to Dandi was started from
  4. Socialist group in the Congress Party
  5. Macaulay’s 1835 minute on Education
  6. Where did Gandhi put his first correction? major public appearance after returning from South Africa in 1915?
  7. Who among the following was the President to be affected by the Indian National Congress at the time of independence of India ?
  8. During 1931, under whose leadership, did a strong Kisan Sabha Movement develop in the Gaya District of Bihar ?
  9. Who produced the Pirpur Report (1938) ?
  10. Militant Nationalist School of thought in India
  11. Ryotwari Area
  12. Social Service League in Bombay
  13. No-Changers in the Congress Party
  14. Cabinet Mission members
  15. A copy of the famous 16th Century artwork Salvator Mundi which was reportedly stolen, the painting attributed to
  16. Who among the following was the founder of Swatantra Party?
Indian Polity

  1. Who among the following Speakers of Lok Sabha formally disassociated from the political party after his election as the speaker
  2. Which one of the following is the mandate of the Committee on Estimates ?
  3. Which one of the following facts pertaining to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) is not Correct.
  4. Which one of the following does not figure in the list of languages in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India.
Indian Economy + Current Events and Development Issues

  1. Trial Balance
  2. According to the Economic Survey 2020 – 21, 41. Which one of the following will be India’s real GDP growth in the year 2021 – 22 ?
  3. Which on of the following statements is correct about Income & Expenditure account
General Mental Ability and Quantitative Aptitude

  1. How many times does the digit 3 appear 25. between 1 and 100 such that the number where 3 appears is not divisible by 3 ?
  2. Average of all prime number between 21 & 55
  3. If the ratio of Speed of A & B is 5:6 & B allows A a starts of 70 m in a 1.2KM race, who will win the race
  4. M is 60year old, R is 5 years junior to M & 4 years senior to V. The youngest brother of V is B & he is 6 years junior to V. What is the age difference between M & B
  5. English alphabet is recorded in the following manner
  6. If a varies as b then which of the following statements is are correct
  7. Which one of the following is the remainder when 74^100 is divided by 9 ?
  8. Which one of the following is the arithmetic mean of V3 – V2 and its reciprocal ?
  9. Suppose x and y are two positive numbers such that when x is reduced by 2 and y is increased by 2, the ratio becomes 2:1; and when x is increased by 2 and y is reduced by 2, 28. the ratio becomes 3:1. Which one of the following is equal to x-y?
  10. Let n(>1) be a composite natural number whose square root is not an integer. Consider the following statements : 1. n has a factor which is greater than 1 but less than the square root of n. 2. n has a factor which is greater than the square root of n but less than n. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
  11. The average age of husband and wife was 23 years when they were married 5 years ago. The average age of a husband, his wife and child is 20 years now. How old is the child now?
  12. If W1 and W2 are weights of the two solid iron ball of radii ½ and ⅓ m respectively then find the ratio of weights
  13. 40% of the students in a classroom are from India and 50% are girls. If 25% of Indian students are girls, what percentage of non-Indian students are boys.
  14. The average weight of a hundred students in a class is 46 kg. The average weight of boys and girls are 50 kg and 40 kg respectively. What is the difference between the number of boys and girls?
  15. A hollow cube tube of side 10 cm each weighing 200 gm, is made. This cube is placed in water with a horizontal face. How many cm of its height  sink in water if the density of water 1 gm/cm^3?
Labour Laws + Social Security in India + Industrial Relations

  1. Match the following terms Closure/Workmen/Strike/ Lockout
  2. Adolescent as per the Factories Act 1948
  3. What is Controlled Industry
  4. Minimum number of members required for registration of a Trade Union
  5. Trade Dispute under Trade Union Act 1926
  6. Maximum number of hours in a week that an adult worker is allowed to work for
  7. Maximum period in which the appropriate government shall review and revise the minimum rate of wages under the Minimum Wages Act 1948?
General Accounting Principles

  1. Wages paid for installation of machinery is debited to which one of the following
  2. When are current liabilities payable
  3. Is the total of Debit & Credit side of tribal balance the same
  4. Which one of the following is the first book in which the transaction of a business unit are recorded
  5. Maximum amount of Gratuity payable to the employee under the Payment of Gratuity act 1972
  6. Which one of the following denotes Gross Profit
  7. Which is the underlying accounting concept that supports no anticipation of profit but provision for all possible losses
  8. Which on of the following accounting concepts is applied by an entity, when events such as new competitor entering in the market and rift between production and marketing departments are not disclosed in the book of accounts
  9. Which on of the following concerns prepares Receipts and Payments Accounts
Current Affairs

  1. Which one of the following States will be directly connected with Assam by the proposed bridge between Dhubri & Phulbari over river Bhramaputra
  2. Question related to Ramsar Convention
  3. Pradhan mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana
  4. Asia’s first Export Processing Zone
  5. Well targeted system of services delivery to LPG Customer
  6. Who among the following is the author of ‘Gandhi as Mahatma’?
  7. Which one of the following is the acronym for the word ‘NITI’ in NITI Aayog ?
  8. Which of the following is not the correct description of the Namami Gange Programme?
  9. First player in the history of Test Cricket to take 200 wicket against left handed batsmen
  10. The Global firepower Index 2021, India’s rank
  11. Naomi Osaka won the Women’s Singles Title of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament by defeating whom?
  12. UNESCO has been observing February 21 as International Mother Language Day since 2000. The Idea to celebrate the Day was the initiative of
  13. Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was the first woman Director General of the WTO. She hails from which country
  14. The Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport project will connect India with which country
  15. Which one of the following pairs of zonal railways and their headquarters is not correctly matched
  16. Under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana what is the maximum amount that can be deposited during a financial year
  17. Minimum & Maximum age at which a subscriber can join the Atal Pension Yojana
  18. Tri-service contingent of which one of the following countries participated in India’s Republic Day parade in 2021.
  19. As a routine exercise operation ‘Garam Hawa’ and ‘Sarad Hawa’ Conducted by
  20. The little Book of Encouragement author
  21. Which day celebrated as Parakram Diwas
General Science and Sci-tech

  1. Which one of the following is not a female reproductive organ in humans?
  2. Which one of the following cannot be called “Amphibian of the Plant Kingdom”?
  3. Which of the following is not a consequence of deforestation ?
  4. Which one of the following chromosomes has a mismatched pair in a normal human male?
  5. The word “Vaccine’ has been derived from a Latin word having meaning
  6. Which one of the following statements is true with regard to the image formation by two eyes of a person?
  7. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding electromagnetic wavelength?
  8. Which one of the following is the size of a hydrogen atom ?
  9. When a dielectric material is kept in an external electric field, which one of the following phenomena may be realized ?
  10. Which one of the following substances, when added to water, will not change the pH ?
  11. Which one of the following, on adding to water, will not scatter a beam of light ?
  12. Which one of the following will not be reduced by metallic zinc ?
  13. Who among the following discovered Proton ?
  14. Consider the following balanced equation: CO(g) + 2H, (g) → CH,OH (1) How many moles of CH3OH (1) can be obtained by reacting 2.0 mole of CO (g) with 2.0 mole of H, (g) ?
Knowledge of Computer Applications

  1. Which of the following is not a language translator
  2. A device driver of output devices
  3. Register is used to keep track of the next instruction to be executed
  4. Which of the following is not an audio file format
  5. Sequential electronic circuit that is used to store 1-bit of information
  6. Which one of the following basic operations for converting raw input data into useful information is not performed by all computers ?
  7. What is the equivalent decimal value of binary 2 number 101110?
  8. Which one of the following memories is extremely fast and acts as a high-speed buffer between the CPU and the main memory ?
  9. Which one of the following is not a web browser?
  10. Which one of the following represents 1 GB of information?

UPSC EPFO Question Paper Pattern

Exam Marks Weightage
EPFO Recruitment Test 100 75%
Interview 100 25%

EPFO Question Paper Marking Scheme

S.No. Parameters Details
1 Total time duration 2 hours
2 Kinds of questions Objective Type Question or MCQs
3 Language Medium Hindi and English
4 Marking for the incorrect response -1/3

Benefits of UPSC EPFO Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers are mandatory for the candidates for various purposes some of which are listed below:

  • You will be able to understand the EPFO exam pattern better and also while previous year’s paper you will become familiar with the exam day environment.
  • You will be able to work on your time management skills, calculation speed and other skills which might be useful for you during the actual examination day.
  • It will help you in subject wise analysis and provide you with an idea to give more focus on subjects with more weightage.
  • Further, the Categorisation of important topics in each subject can also be done.
  • Many other Exams conducted at the central or state level ask questions directly from UPSC Previous year papers.
  • Allow you to have a beforehand idea about the level of difficulty of the paper and the level of your preparation.

Qualifying Marks for the EPFO Examination

In order to get selected for the EPFO post, the candidates are supposed to secure the minimum qualifying marks described below:

EPFO Minimum Qualifying Marks:

S.No Category Marks required
1 General category candidates 50
2 SC/ST category candidates 40
3 OBC category candidates 45

UPSC EPFO Previous Year Question Paper pdf Download

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