Ethics Notes in Hindi pdf Download Ethics in Hindi pdf For UPSC

Ethics Notes in Hindi pdf, Ethics in Hindi pdf For UPSC Hello students, in today’s article we are providing ethics for upsc in hindi pdf for the students preparing for UPSC which you can click on the link given below from our website can be obtained by

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The following topics are given in this Ethics notes pdf :-

  • Ethics Integrity and Aptitude
  • Aptitude and Core Values ​​of Civil Services
  • Aptitude and related terminology
  • relationship between aptitude and knowledge
  • Aptitude vs Ability
  • Aptitude vs Interest
  • What is Professionalism
  • Aptitude vs Aptitude
  • Aptitude vs Ethics
  • Aptitude vs Emotional Intelligence
  • Types of Ability
  • core values ​​of civil service
  • Emotions
  • Factors setting core values
  • Civil Services Aptitude & Foundation Values
  • principles of integrity
  • Integrity and discretionary decisions of civil servants
  • Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and Integrity
  • integrity and corruption
  • fairness and non-partisanship
  • objectivity
  • Objectivity and Code of Conduct
  • Dedication to the Public Service and Code of Condut 1964
  • Empathy
  • Ethics & Human Interface
  • Essence of Ethics in Human Activity
  • Consequences and Effects of Ethics
  • dimensions of morality
  • Solution of social problems through Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  • Ideology of Sir Govind Ranade
  • social reform system
  • Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  • emotional intelligence

Ethics for UPSC in Hindi pdf Download

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