Ghatna Chakra Geography Book in Hindi pdf Download

Ghatna Chakra Geography Book in Hindi :- Hello students, today we have brought Ghatna Chakra Geography Notes in Hindi for you! This article will prove to be very beneficial for you, because in this article questions related to Geography Notes will be told! You will be told how questions are asked from Geography Notes in competitive exams.

Ghatna Chakra Geography Book in Hindi

Students, Ghatna Chakra Geography Notes in Hindi To prepare for your competitive exams, today we have brought the notes prepared by Geography for all the students. In which you will get questions and important information related to geography. Ghatna Chakra Geography Notes is very important to prepare for your competitive exams like IAS, SSC, UPSC, RAILWAY, DEFFENCE, CDS, CPAF, POLICE, RRB, PCS and other exams. Students, look at the important topics of Ghatna Chakra Geography Notes in Hindi below and at the same time read all these topics thoroughly.

Ghatna Chakra Geography Book in Hindi Contents

latitudinal extension

  • Area
  • numerical expansion
  • India and Tropic of Cancer
  • standard time
  • remote point
  • Border countries

physical division

  • natural regions of india
  • mountain region of the north
  • Mountain ranges and hills of South and Central India
  • mountain peaks
  • valley
  • rates
  • Coastal part (Coast line of India, West coast, Dip groups of Arabian Sea)
  • snow line and glacier
  • Plateau
  • diocese

States/UTs of India

  • State
  • Bay of Bengal Dipsumu
  • species/tribe
  • languages

drainage system

  • Ganges river system
  • Brahmaputra system
  • rivers of south india
  • other rivers
  • city ​​on the banks of rivers
  • Falls and Lakes
  • Climate
  • monsoon
  • Rain
  • winter rain

natural calamities

  • clay
  • black soil
  • laterite soil
  • loamy or alluvial soil
  • Soil: Miscellaneous
  • Soil Erosion & Improvement
  • natural vegetation
  • acidic and alkaline soils
  • irrigation and canals
  • Multicountry River Valley Projects
  • Agriculture
  • Green revolution
  • food crops
  • Rabi crops
  • Kharif crops
  • cash crops
  • Cotton
  • Sugarcane
  • oilseeds
  • Pulses
  • tea and rubber
  • Other plantations fell

plantation crops

  • Coffee / Kahwa
  • Jhuming Agriculture
  • Agriculture : Miscellaneous
  • animal husbandry
  • mineral resources
  • rock system
  • metallic minerals
  • Iron ore
  • Such as
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • bauxite
  • tin
  • non-metallic minerals
  • asbestos
  • marble
  • energy minerals
  • Coal
  • petroleum and natural gas
  • Miscellaneous : Minerals
  • electrical energy
  • thermal
  • Energy : Miscellaneous
  • hydroelectric
  • industry
  • iron steel industry
  • aluminum industry
  • Miscellaneous : Industry
  • research centers of india
  • transportation
  • road transport
  • rail transport
  • Nau / Air Transport
  • Tourist destination
  • Miscellaneous

Ghatna Chakra Geography Book in Hindi pdf Download

Ghatna Chakra Geography Book in Hindi pdf Download Click Here