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Hindi Grammar Book PDF Free DOwnload –  Hindi Grammar PDF with  Hindi grammar Question Paper PDF and Hindi Vyakran masculine pronoun, verb, adjective, factor, verse, juice Hindi articles related to whatever Hindi Grammar on grammar topic, all Hindi Grammar on where it Kraage provided that all Hindi grammar are Hindi We are presenting this article related to Vyakran.

Through Hindi Grammar Book PDF, students will be able to prepare well for Hindi Grammar and will be able to call all the questions of Hindi Grammar which are asked in Government Competitive Examination.


Hindi Grammar pdf Notes

Hindi Grammar Book should tell the most important thing about this book that you will not get a better Hindi book than this to prepare for any competitive examination. Because it also has complete information about the noun and its entire distinction. And you will get a lot of information about pronouns and their differences, adjectives and their distinctions, verses, ornaments, rasas, sams, sandhi, antonyms, common Hindi words etc.

Hindi Vyakaran pdf for UPSC

The syllabus given in this book is shown below:-

  • language and grammar
  • word-thinking (a)
  • word-thinking (b)
  • Vocabulary Gender Vocabulary Tenses
  • Introduction of the term
  • Treaty Definition and Types
  • Samas Definition and Types
  • Prefix Definition and Types
  • Suffix Definition and Types Participle
  • semantics
  • correct spelling
  • word power
  • phraseology
  • punctuation mark
  • Idioms and proverbs
  • Decking Definition and Types
  • Letter writing: personal or family letter, application letter, complaint letter, invitation letter, official letter, general government
  • letter, tender, notification,
  • Circulars, Reminders, Semi-official Letters, Releases, Memorandums, Office Notes, Business Letters
  • Wire Writing: Types and Formats
  • Abbreviation Meaning Required Instructions Abbreviation
  • Bhava Detail Pallavan General Introduction, Essential Instructions, Pallavan
  • Essay:

Hindi Grammer Pdf Free Download

(i) 50 Years of Independence: What was lost and what was found
(ii) Unemployment: Problem and Solution
(iii) Inflation: Problem and Solution
(iv) Rajasthan and Famine
(v) Dowry Demon
(vi) When my pocket was cut while traveling
(vii) If I were the headmaster
(viii) Ideal student
(ix) Description of the fair
(x) Importance of festivals

Hindi Grammar PDF – Hindi Grammar Notes PDF

Download Hindi Grammar PDF or Hindi Vyakran PDF Hindi Grammar Notes PDF file from here. Many questions related to Hindi grammar are asked in most of the government job recruitment exams. Various questions are asked from Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Ornament, Gender, Word, Treaty, Synonym, Idiom and proverb etc.

The following topics are included in Hindi Grammar Notes –

  • punctuation mark
  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Adjective
  • Action
  • adverb
  • Voice
  • extravagance
  • gender
  • Promise
  • Factor
  • Era
  • prefix
  • Suffix
  • Samas
  • Treaty
  • repetition
  • word idea
  • synonym words
  • Antonyms
  • one word for many words
  • Hindi Idioms and Sayings
  • Ornament
  • Verses
  • Juice

About  Hindi grammar Book

Hindi grammar is that scripture which understands the rules related to speaking and writing the Hindi language in a pure form. To understand, write and speak the Hindi language properly, it is very important to understand the rules of Hindi grammar in a good way.

In most of the government job recruitment examinations, questions are asked from the following topics of Hindi grammar-

  • Sound – Hindi Grammar
  • Word: Origin and Types Hindi Grammar
  • Phrases: Meaningful words in Hindi Grammar
  • Sentence: Meaningful Sentence Hindi Grammar
  • Punctuation Hindi Grammar
  • Noun Hindi Grammar
  • Pronoun – Hindi Grammar
  • Adjectives – Hindi Grammar
  • Verb – Hindi Grammar
  • Adverb – Hindi Grammar
  • Integrative – Hindi Grammar
  • Exclamatory – Hindi Grammar
  • Relational – Hindi Grammar
  • Nipat (Determinant) Hindi Grammar
  • Vachan – Hindi Grammar
  • Gender – Hindi Grammar
  • Factors – Hindi Grammar
  • Male – Hindi Grammar
  • Prefix – Hindi Grammar
  • Suffix – Hindi Grammar
  • Avyaya – Hindi Grammar
  • Sandhi – Hindi Grammar
  • Chhand – Hindi Grammar
  • Samas – Hindi Grammar
  • Alankar – Hindi Grammar
  • Rasa – Hindi Grammar
  • Antonyms – Hindi Grammar
  • Tatsam-Tadbhav – Hindi Grammar
  • Synonyms – Hindi Grammar
  • One word for many words Hindi grammar
  • monotonous words hindi grammar
  • multiple words hindi grammar
  • Spelling: Word and sentence correction Hindi grammar
  • Idioms and proverbs in Hindi Hindi Grammar
  • Major compositions of Hindi: Hindi grammar
  • Biography : Prominent Literary
  • Letter writing: personal or family letter, application letter, complaint letter, invitation letter, official letter, general government letter, tender, notification, circular, reminder, semi-official letter, release, memorandum, office note, business letter
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