India and World Geography Book & Notes PDF

India and World Geography notes pdf, Geography of India Notes Book PDF Hello students, these notes are very useful for all those students who are trying for selection in civil services. Geography of India Notes, this notes include topics related to the geography of India, which will prove to be very helpful for you. In this book, the geographical concepts of India have been explained through maps and diagrams. You can read this book in both Hindi and English languages.

We want to tell the students that it is very important for all the students to understand the geography of India and the geography of the world through pictures and you will understand in Majid Hussain’s Geography book that how you can understand the graph. Which means to understand the graph, that you will be able to understand the other subject of UPSC very easily, you can download the World Geography book PDF and get it for free.


India and World Geography Notes pdf

India and World Geography notes are very detailed and read mostly by those students who choose Geography as their optional in Civil Services. Students, if you are preparing for NDA, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway (RRB), UPSC geography questions for UPSC prelims”, State Level Competitive Exams, State Public Service Commission (PSC), SSSC, Police Constable then you can read below You can buy Geography of India by Majid Husain Sir online through this link.

About Majid Hussain Sir – Brief introduction about Majid Hussain Sir

Majid Hussain Sir was the former Professor and Head, Department of Geography, Jamia Milia Islamia University New Delhi. He has published and edited more than 48 books and more than 100 Geography Research Papers related to Geography Subject. He has also been a member and president of the Indian National Cartography Association (1992). He had traveled to many countries. Many of his books have been translated into Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, kannada and Urdu languages. He was very popular among civil services students. He was 81 years old and he died on 25 January 2019.

India and World Geography notes by Majid Husain PDF

This Geography of India book has been written by the very famous geography scholar Majid Hussain Sir. Majid Hussain Sir has a long experience of teaching and writing Geography. This India and World Geography notes pdf provides an insightful analysis of the geographical aspects of India. This book has been prepared keeping in mind the syllabus of Civil Services Examination, UPSC and IAS.

This book is a good reference book widely read by the civil service preparation students, presenting the relevant features and topics of the geographical landscape of India in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Various topics include India’s resources, different types of irrigation, cropping patterns of India, transport and public distribution systems and food security. This book is also very useful for undergraduates and postgraduates and researchers and academicians.

Geography of India By Majid Husain Book Content

  • Preface to the Fifth Edition
  • Preface to the first edition
  • Acknowledgments
  • Tribute
  • About the Civil Services Examination
  • Geography Syllabus For Main Examination
  • Structure Of India
  • Physiography
  • Drainage
  • Climate
  • Natural Vegetation and National Parks
  • Soils
  • Resources
  • Energy Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Spatial Organization of Agriculture
  • Industries
  • Transport, Communications, and Trade
  • Cultural Setting
  • Settlements
  • Regional Development and Planning
  • India – Political Aspects
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Appendices
  • Multiple Choice Questions

India and World Geography Book & Notes PDF Download

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