India and World Geography Dr. Khullar in English Hindi PDF

Hello friends, today we have presented India and World Geography Dr. Khullar in English has brought Hindi PDF. With this pdf notes, you can prepare for UPSC, IAS, PCS, SSC, Railway and other competitive exams . Below we have given the download link of this Indian geography in hindi by clicking on which you can save this book in your computer or mobile.

India and World Geography Dr. Khullar

In this India and world geography , competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, PCS, SSC, Railway and other exams have been made keeping in mind, which have all important concepts. Below we are giving details about this pdf book.

Name – India And World Geography Book PDF
Format – PDF
Size – NA
Language – English , Hindi
Credit – Dr. Khullar


The following chapters have been included in this study material –

  • Earth movements
  • Tides
  • types of tides
  • solar eclipse and lunar eclipse
  • Latitudes and Longitude Lines
  • longitude and time calculation
  • international date line
  • internal structure of the earth
  • earth rocks
  • because of the earthquake
  • Volcano
  • Volcanic plateau
  • endogenous and exogenous forces
  • The Planet
  • landforms created by wind
  • Oceanography
  • Factors controlling the amount of salinity?
  • Ocean currents
  • Composition of the atmosphere
  • What is Heat Budget?
  • Local wind
  • Monsoon climate
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Vegetalization
  • World’s major crops
  • Soil splitting
  • World mineral production
  • Grasslands of the world


Friends, today we have shared Indian Geography in Hindi Book Pdf with you and we know that you must have downloaded this PDF by now. We hope that these notes will prove to be very useful for you in preparing for the competitive exams. If it proves useful to you. So do share them with your friends.

India and World Geography PDF in English Click Here
Khullar Geography Pdf India a Comprehensive Bhugol Download PDF

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