Indian Geography Notes PDF for UPSC (Q&A related to Geography ncert)

Indian Geography Notes PDF Hello Students – Here we are sharing some special Indian Geography Notes PDF for you, in which questions asked in previous years have been given with answers, all of you students have given Geography Objective GK Book below. You can download through links. And you can prepare well for the upcoming IAS, PCS, UPPCS, SSC, Defense etc exams.

Indian Geography Notes PDF

In this book, all of you students will get to know about the geography of the world and the geography of India, which are of the following types:-

Geography of the world: –

  • Universe
  • Solar System
  • Determination of motion of the earth, imaginary lines and time
  • venue circle
  • Water Board
  • Atmosphere
  • Continent
  • economic geography
  • mineral production area

Geography of India :-

  • Geographical introduction of India
  • Mineral resources
  • physical region of india
  • Water Resources and Multipurpose River Valley Project
  • rivers of india
  • India’s climate
  • Energy resources
  • natural flora of india
  • soils of india
  • Tribal
  • agriculture of india
  • Water Resources & Multipurpose River Valley Project
  • industry in india
  • important facts
  • Exam Useful Objective Questions
  • answer with explanation

Indian Geography In Brief: Topics To Cover

Indian Geography can be divided into three – Physical Geography, Economic Geography and Social Geography. The major sub-topics under Physical Indian Geography are Physio-graphic divisions, Drainage, Climate, Vegetation, Natural Resources etc. Topics related to environment like Wild-life, Soil, Flora etc should be given stress too. Economic and Social Geography related aspects of Indian Geography should be studied in parallel to Physical Geography. Tip: NCERT Books will turn really handy for preparation of Economic and Social Geography.

Physio-graphic regions

  1. Mountains (Himalayas).
  2. Northern Plains.
  3. Peninsular Plateau.
  4. Coastal Plains.
  5. Islands.


  1. Himalayan Rivers.
  2. Peninsular Rivers.

Climate + Four Seasons of India

  1. Hot Weather Season.
  2. Advancing Monsoon.
  3. Retreating Monsoon.
  4. Cold Weather Season.


  1. Tropical Rain-forest.
  2. Tropical Deciduous Forests. (Monsoon Forests)
  3. Mountain Vegetation.
  4. Desert Vegetation.
  5. Marshy land Vegetation.

Natural Resources

  1. Minerals including Petroleum and Natural Gas.
  2. Wild Life.
  3. Forests.
  4. Water.
  5. Soil.

Human Geo: Economic Geography

Study in detail about the economic activities related to Agriculture, Industries and Services in different areas of India. Learn how the geography of a region affects the economic prosperity of the same.

Human Geo: Social Geography

Learn more the details like Demographics, poverty, hunger, literacy rates, unemployment etc. from a geography perspective.

Indian and World Geography Book

In India and world geography pdf in Hindi , you will get to read about all the above mentioned courses with great mention.

  • The subject material of this book is based on the NCERT pattern for SSC, Police and other exams.
  • All the elements have been compiled in this book.
  • Various topics and elements of Geography of the world and India can be easily understood by the topic.
  • Various elements of geography, Brahman and solar system, detailed study of land, water and atmosphere and various elements
  • And the area, climate, vegetation, soil etc. is presented.
  • In this book, all those topics have been described in detail, from which the possibility of asking more questions remains.

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Vision IAS Indian Geography Notes PART-1

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Geomorphology: Prelims + Mains
L.1 ~ Solar System & Planets
L.2 ~ STARS, Sun & Planets
L.3 ~ Structure of the Sun
L.4 ~ Latitudes, Longitudes and Time
L.5 ~ Motions Of The Earth: Rotation And Revolution
L.6 ~ Major Domains Of The Earth: Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere
L.7 ~ Interior Of The Earth: Core, Mantle And Crust
L.8 ~ Earthquake Causes And Effects
L.9 ~ Seismic Waves And Earth’s Interior: P Waves, S Waves, L Waves
L.10 ~ Classification Of Rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic
L.11 ~ Continental Drift Theory (Alfred Wegener)
L.12 ~ Seafloor Spreading Theory (H. Harry Hess)
L.13 ~ Plate Tectonics Theory (W.J Morgan)
L.14 ~ Geomorphic Processes: Endogenic And Exogenic
L.15 ~ Endogenic Forces: Epeirogenic And Orogenic
L.16 ~ Exogenic Forces: Denudation & Weathering
L.17 ~ Tsunami And Its Causes & Tsunami Warning Systems
L.18 ~ Landforms: Types of Mountains, Plateaus, and Plains
L.19 ~ Volcanism And Volcanic Landforms
L.20 ~ Landforms Of The Earth (Fluvial, Aeolian, Glacial, Wave, Karst)
L.21 ~ Lakes & Types of Lakes
L.22 ~ Important Lakes of India
L.23 ~ Major Plateaus of the World
Climatology: Prelims + Mains
L.1 ~ Climatology Videos for UPSC IAS
L-2 : Origin of Atmosphere
L.3 ~ Latitudes, Longitudes, Heat Zones Of Earth
L.4 ~ Motions Of The Earth: Rotation And Revolution
L-5 : Composition And Structure Of The Atmosphere
L.6 ~Insolation And Heat Budget Of The Earth
L-7 : Temperature Belts Of Earth
L-8 : Temperature Inversion: Types & Effects On Weather
L-9 : Heat Budget Of Earth
L-10 : Pressure Belts Of The Earth
L-11 : Wind And Wind Types
L-12 : Clouds And Its Types
L-13 : Precipitation: Types Of Precipitation & Types Of Rainfall
L.14 ~ Cyclones, Anticyclones, Air Mass, and Fronts
L-15 : Tropical Cyclones & Tornado
L-16 : Air mass
L-17 : Fronts and Types of Fronts
L-18 : Jet Streams
L-19 : Temperate Cyclones (Extratropical cyclone)
L-20 : Koppen climate classification system
L-21 : Thornthwaite Climatic Classification
L-22 : Trewartha Climatic Classification
L-23 : Climatic Regions Of World
L-24 : Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis
Oceanography: Prelims + Mains
L-1 : Ocean Relief Features)
L-2: Important Seas Of The World
L-3 : Ocean Waves
L-4 : Tides
L-5 : Ocean Current
L-6 : Ocean Salinity
L-7 : Temperature Distribution of Oceans
L-8 : Oceanic Resources And Deposits
L-9 : El Nino And La Nina
L-10 : Coral Reefs & Coral Bleaching
L-11 : Sea level Changes
L-12 : Oceans Issues and Threats
L-13 : Ocean Pollution (Marine Pollution)
L-14 : United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Indian Geography: Prelims+Mains
L-1 : Indian Geographical Extent and Frontiers
L-2 : Rock System Of India (Archaean, Purana, Dravidian & Aryan)
L-3 : Himalayas Formation & Structure of Himalayas
L-4 : Himalayan Ranges – Greater, Middle, Shiwaliks
L-5 : Longitudinal Division of Himalayas
L-6 : Mountain Passes Of India
L-7 : Important Hill Ranges of India
L-8 : Indo-Gangetic-Brahmaputra Plains
L-9 : Indian Peninsular Plateau (Deccan Plateau)
L-10 : Western And Eastern Ghats
L-11 : Western And Eastern Coastal Plains
L-12 : Indian Islands – Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep
Indian River System (Drainage Systems of India)
L-13 : Ganga River System
L-14 : Yamuna River System
L-15 : Brahmaputra Rivern System
L-16 : Indus River System
L- 17: Mahanadi River System
L- 18: Godavari River System
L-19 : Krishna River System
L-20 : Cauvery(Kaveri) River System
L-21 : East Flowing Rivers
L-22 : West Flowing Rivers (Narmada, Tapi, etc.)
L-23 : Mechanism of Indian Monsoon
L-24 : Tropical cyclones
L-25 : western disturbances
L- 26: Floods
L-27 : Droughts
L-28 : Climatic regions of India
L-29 : Koeppen’s Classification of Climatic regions of India
L-30 : Natural vegetation of India
L-31 : Soil types and their distributions
L-32 : Important Glaciers in India
L-33 : List of Mountain Ranges in India
L-34 : Important Tribes of India
Economic Geography
L-1 : Mineral Resources: Iron Ore distribution in India
L-2 : Manganese Ore Distribution in India
L-3 : Copper, Nickel & Chromite Distribution in India
L-4 : Bauxite Distribution in India
L-5 : Lead, Zinc, Tungsten & Pyrites Distribution
L-6 : Uranium and Thorium Distribution in India
L-7 : Gold & Silver Distribution in India
L-8 : Diamond & Graphite Distribution in India
L-9 : Non-Metallic – Mica, Limestone, Dolomite, Asbestos & other
L-10 : Energy Resources – Coal Reserves in India (Coal Mines)
L-11 : Energy Resources – Natural Gas Reserves in India
L-12 : Energy Resources – Petroleum Reserves in India
L-13 : Renewable energy: Hydroelectric Power
L-14 : Renewable energy: Wind Energy
L-15 : Renewable energy: Solar Energy
L-16 : Renewable energy: Geothermal Energy
L-17 : Renewable energy: Ocean Energy
L-18 : Renewable energy: Biomass Energy
L-19 : Land Resources of India
L-20 : Wildlife Resources in India
L-21 : Forest Resources in India
L-22: Water Resources in India
L-23 : Biotic and marine resources
L-24 : World Resources & their Distribution
World Geography
Asia – World Geography For UPSC IAS
Africa – World Geography For UPSC IAS
Europe – World Geography For UPSC IAS
North America – World Geography For UPSC IAS
South America – World Geography For UPSC IAS
Australia And Oceania– World Geography For UPSC
Antarctica – World Geography For UPSC IAS
Major Straits Of The World
Important Seas of the world
Important Trenches of the World
Important Peninsulas in the World
Important Gulfs of the World
Important Rivers of the World
Important Waterfalls in India & World
Important Lakes of India & World
Important Islands of the World
Grasslands of the World
Important Dams in India
Important Ports of the World
Important Boundaries Lines in the World
Indian Geography Mapping
Important Islands of India
List of Beaches in India
Coastal Plains of India
Important Lakes of India
Mountain Ranges in India
Mountain Peaks in India
Important Hill Ranges of India
Major Mountain Passes in India
Important Glaciers in India
Important Rivers in India
Important Waterfalls in India
Multi Purpose Projects in India
Important Dams in India
Important Plateaus in india
Plains of India
Soil types in India
National Highways in India
National Waterways in india
Important Canals in India
Important Ports in India
Ramsar Sites in India
Biosphere Reserves in India
National Parks in India
Tiger Reserves in India
Elephant Reserves in India
Bird Sanctuaries of India
Wildlife Sanctuaries of India
Hill stations in India
Religious Places in India
World Heritage Sites in India
List of volcanoes in India
Important Cities of India
List of Industrial cities in India
Hydroelectric Power Plants in India
Thermal Power Plants in India
Nuclear Power Plants in India
Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPP)