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Indian Polity Notes PDF Download, Indian Polity Handwritten Notes PDF Hello students, today here we are sharing for you some notes on the polity of India, which have been prepared by our teachers, and have been made useful from the point of view of your competitive examination.

Indian Polity Notes PDF

Dear students, in India’s polity handwritten book, you will get to read information related to the preparation of competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, PCS, MPSC, RAS etc. Students, apart from the Indian Polity Notes PDF Download given by us, you can also read other notes because no one note or book can be perfect and also make your own Indian Polity Short Notes, in which place such questions which have been asked in many previous years. Have been asked many times. Along with this, definitely prepare such questions which you are not able to remember.

Polity Handwritten Notes in Hindi pdf Apart from this, M Laxmikant indian polity book must also read because this book has been specially prepared for UPSC, IAS, PCS, MPSC, RAS only.

Students, all the notes available with us have been shared here and further notes related to politics will be added through this article, you should bookmark this page of ours and keep visiting regularly so that you can get other notes too.

Indian Constitution Notes in Hindi: Hello Aspirants, Today we are Sharing Most Important Indian Polity (भारतीय राजव्यवस्था) PDF Notes. This Book Name is Indian Constitution, it is Very Useful for MPPSC Exam 2021 and Other Competitive Exams Just Like UPSC, SSC, CHSL NDA, CDS CPO are ETC.

Indian Polity (Indian Polity) PDF Notes in Hindi For Competitive Exams (UPSC, SSC) – Friends, today sarkariresultupdate is sharing “Indian Polity Notes in Hindi PDF” related to Indian Polity among all the students. This Indian Polity PDF has been edited by Youth Destination.

Indian Polity Notes in Hindi PDF Download

On which topics you will get to read information on this Indian polity in Indian Polity Notes, we have been talking through the list below.

Indian Polity

(1) Table of Contents

  • Historical Background of the Constitution
  • Company rule (1773 to 1858)
  • Constitution making
  • Constituent Assembly demand
  1. Formation of the Constituent Assembly
  2. Functioning of the Constituent Assembly
  1. Committees of the Constituent Assembly
  2. Criticism of the Constituent Assembly
  3. Reign of the Crown (from 1858 to 1947)
  4. Major sources of the Constitution
  5. preamble to the constitution

Features of the Constitution

  • Union and its territories (Articles 1 to 4)
  • union of states
  • reorganization of states
  • Fundamental Rights (Articles 12 to 35)
  • Emergence of States and Union Territories
  • Citizenship (Articles 5 to 11)
  • Directive Principles of State Policy (Articles 36 to 51)
  • Fundamental Duties Article 51(a)
  • Amendment of the Constitution (Article 368)
  • basic structure of the constitution
  • parliamentary system

Features of Parliamentary System

  • Features of President’s Rule (Adhyatmaka) System
  • merits and demerits of parliamentary system
  • Reasons for adopting parliamentary system in India
  • Difference between Indian and British parliamentary model
  • federal system
  • Meaning and Features
  • Federation, Confederation and Union
  • Cooperative federalism, competitive federalism, sub-federalism
  • Unitary features of the constitution
  • Critical Appraisal of the Federal System
  • Center – State Relations
  • legislative relations
  • administrative relations
  • financial relationship
  • Trends in Centre-State Relations
  • Administrative Reforms Commission
  • Rajamannar Committee
  • cooperative commission
  • tail commission
  • Interstate relations
  • interstate river water dispute
  • Anandpur Sahib Proposal
  • interstate councils
  • regional councils

Indian Polity Indian Polity Part (2) Table of Contents

  • emergency provision
  • national emergency
  • President’s Rule
  • financial emergency
  • Criticism of the emergency system
  • President
  • Election, Qualifications, Oaths and Conditions
  • term of impeachment
  • Synchronous Powers, Emergency Powers
  • power of ordinance
  • power of pardon
  • veto power
  • Constitutional position of the President
  • Vice President
  • Elections, Qualifications, Oaths, Conditions
  • term of impeachment
  • Election controversy
  • functions and powers
  • US President vs.
  • Prime minister
  • Appointment, dismissal, tenure, oath, salary, conditions
  • functions and powers
  • relationship with the president
  • Union Council of Ministers
  • constitutional provision
  • council of ministers vs cabinet
  • Constitution and Composition of Parliament
  • Major Cabinet Committees
  • presiding officer of parliament
  • instruments of parliamentary proceedings
  • question hour
  • zero hour
  • power of pardon
  • veto power

Parliamentary Session (lemm-duck-session)

  • Substantive Proposals, Substitute Proposals, Complementary Proposals
  • cut offer
  • privilege offer
  • adjournment motion
  • No confidence motion
  • Censure motion
  • vote of thanks

Short Term Discussion

  • legislative process in parliament
  • ordinary bill
  • Money Bill
  • finance bill
  • Appropriation Bill
  • different types of grants
  • supplementary grant
  • additional grant
  • grant back
  • Exception grant
  • token grant
  • parliamentary privilege



Major Parliamentary Committees and Budget

  • finance committees
  • public accounts committee
  • Estimates Committee
  • Public Enterprise Committee
  • Departmental Standing Committee
  • Investigation Committee
  • petition committee
  • privilege committee
  • ethics Committee
  • Formation Committee for Testing and Control
  • government assurance committee
  • women empowerment committee
  • ad hoc committee
  • Supreme court
  • Constitution, Functions and Powers
  • current dispute
  • Judicial review
  • judicial activism
  • public interest litigation
  • Governor
  • Appointed, dismissed
  • functions and powers
  • Constitutional status
  • discretion
  • current relevance

Chief Minister and State Council of Ministers

  • functions and powers
  • relationship with the governor
  • current relevance
  • state legislature
  • high court
  • Structure and Jurisdiction
  • subordinate court
  • public court
  • Permanent Lok Adalats
  • family Court
  • Gram Nyayalaya
  • Special status to Jammu and Kashmir
  • Special provisions for some states
  • Scheduled and Tribal Areas
  • Union Territory
  • Panchayati Raj

Development of Panchayati Raj

  • Development of Balwant Raj
  • Aashiq Mehta Committee
  • Yes. V.K. Rao Committee
  • Ale. M. Singhvi Committee
  • Thungan Committee
  • Gadgil Committee
  • any committees
  • 73rd Amendment Act of 1992
  • State Election Commission
  • Mandatory and Voluntary Provisions
  • municipal Corporation
  • historical perspective
  • 74th Amendment Act of 1942
  • Nagar Panchayat
  • PESA Act of 1996 (Extension Act)

Municipal Council

  • municipal Corporation
  • ward committees
  • State Election Commission
  • Development of Panchayati Raj
  • metropolitan planning committee
  • types of urban governance
  • municipal Corporation
  • Municipality
  • notified area committee
  • cantonment board
  • township
  • port justice
  • special purpose agency
  • constitutional body
  • Election Commission
  • Union Public Service Commission
  • State Public Service Commission
  • Finance Commission
  • National Commission for Scheduled Tribes
  • Special rights for linguistic minorities
  • Comptroller and Auditor General of India
  • Attorney General of India
  • National Commission for Scheduled Castes
  • Advocate General of India
  • non-constitutional body
  • NITI Aayog
  • National Human Rights Commission
  • State Human Rights Commission
  • Central Human Rights Commission
  • State Information Commission
  • central vigilance commission
  • Central Bureau of Investigation
  • Lokpal and Lokayukta
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Indian Constitution Notes in Hindi Download PDF

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Indian polity pdf Download PDF
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Indian Polity Notes PDF Download

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