Modern ABC PHYSICS Class 11

The new edition of Modern’s abc+ of Physics for class XI, based on CBSE and state boards, will kindle a sense of exploration with the concepts in students and nudge them towards self-study. The concepts have been explained in clear, simple and precise language. This book is a must-have for class XI students irrespective of their aspirations: Annual exams, competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, or any other exams for engineering entrance or medical entrance. KEY FEATURES OF THE BOOK ARE: The author has taken special care to make learning Physics scholastically rewarding and interesting. Spectrum of contents comprises well-connected topics with proper flow of precise information. Detailed explanation of concepts, and components like Remember, Key Note, Watch Out, Learning More, Competition Edge and Captivate Your Curiosity help students develop a deeper understanding of the subject and enhance their learning. Topic-wise solved examples and practice problems help students check their command over concepts. Summary section comprising Key Terms and Laws, Facts and Relations helps students revise basic concepts and formulae simultaneously. Thought-provoking Tough and Tricky problems and questions on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) prepare students for competitive exams. Detailed solutions of NCERT and NCERT Exemplar. Revision exercises (with hints and solutions at the end of each chapter) help check retention of the concepts learnt in the chapter. Very Short Answer questions, Short Answer questions, Long Answer questions and Numerical Problems. Competition file comprising various types of objective questions with detailed solutions including previous years’ questions of AIPMT/NEET, AIEEE/JEE Main (online and offline), IIT JEE/JEE Advanced to aid and enhance students’ understanding and application of concepts. Tips and tricks from the author to help students perform and score better in entrance exams.

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