Oxford Organic Chemistry By Clayden Book Pdf Download

Organic Chemistry is a textbook that helps students in gaining a logical understanding of important concepts. It provides explanations on a vast variety of topics such as organic structure, structure of molecules, elimination reactions, stereochemistry, conformational analysis, etc.
The book also explains various reactions and compounds to students. It makes use of clear diagrams of chemical structures in order to facilitate easier understanding. Each concept is explained with sufficient evidence, and reveals why certain compounds have certain reactions and how these reactions occur.
Key Features:
  • The book contains updated material missing from the previous edition.
  • The chapters have been rewritten and revised, with more emphasis on sound understating.
  • This edition has cut down on clutter and taken out unnecessary details.
About the Author
Jonathan Clayden is an organic chemistry professor. He teaches at the University of Manchester. His research revolves around molecular constructions with defined shapes. After completing a degree in Natural Sciences, he pursued a PhD from Cambridge. He has co-authored Organolithiums: Selectivity for Synthesis, Volume 23.
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