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According to the special Scheme of Assessment for Board Examination for the Session 2023-24 and the Rationalised Syllabus released by the CBSE vide CIRCULAR No ACAD-53/2023, Dt: 22 July, 2023
Books Highlight:
  • This year has witness major changes in the field of academics; where CBSE’s reduced syllabus was a pleasant surprise while the introduction of 2 Term exam pattern was little uncertain for students, parents and teachers as well.
  • Now more than ever the Sample Papers have become paramount importance of subjects with the recent changes prescribed by the board. Give final punch to preparation for CBSE Term 1 examination with the all new edition of ‘Sample Question Papers’ that is designed as per CBSE Sample Paper that are issued on 02 Sept, 2021 for 2021 – 22 academic session. Encouraging with the motto of ‘Keep Practicing, Keep Scoring’, here’s presenting Sample Question Paper – Science for Class 10th that consists of: 1. 10 Sample Papers along with OMR Sheet for quick revision of topics. 2.
  • One Day Revision Notes to recall the concepts a day before exam 3.
  • The Qualifiers – Chapterwise sets of MCQs to check preparation level of each chapter 4. CBSE Question Bank are given for complete practice 5.
  • Latest CBSE Sample Paper along with detailed answers are provided for better understanding of subject.
  • TOC One Day Revision, The Qualifiers, CBSE Qualifiers, CBSE Question Bank, Latest CBSE Sample Paper, Sample Paper (1- 10).
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