[Pdf] Pearson Pathfinder For Pre – Regional Mathematics Olympaid Book Pdf by Prashant Jain

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This book “Pathfinder for Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad” is designed specifically for the aspirants appearing for the PRMO examination and also for those appearing for NSEJS and KVPY. Sole aim and objective of this book is to help students develop a thorough understanding of Mathematics as a subject. The book is specifically designed to enhance and strengthen students’ technical knowledge based on firm foundation of the fundamental principles. The book has been incorporated with exhaustive list of formulae.The book strikes a right balance between Comprehensive theory, Multiple-choice questions belonging to varying levels of difficulty and Previous years’ questions from PRMO, NSEJS and KVPY. A large collection of relevant and new problems is provided in the form of two exercise sets divided into three sections each as per the difficulty level – NSEJS Level, KVPY Level, and PRMO Level. Gradation of questions ensures that students attempt basic questions first and then the tougher problems, as this will help them gain more skill and confidence in the subject

1. Comprehensive Theory

2. Solved Example as per subtopicwise

3. Know Your Progress

4. Problem solving Techniques

5. Conceptual Notes

6. Practice Exercise -I -Quality Fresh Questions for NSEJS, KVPY and PRMO

7. Practice Exercise – II -Previous Year Question’s for NSEJS, KVPY and PRMO

8. Answer Key’s of all question

About the Author

Prashant Jain is a B.Tech graduate in Computer Science from IIT Powai. He secured All India Rank 42 in JEE 2008. Prashant Jain is an author, trader, analyst, teacher, educationalist, dancer and also a motivational speaker. He was a former Intern at BMC Software, former Trader at Optiver and former academic coordinator, PCCP (Pre-Foundation Career Care Program) Division at Resonance Eduventures. From 2018 to 2019, he was the Program Head of PCCP Division at Nucleus Education. In 2019, he started his own venture Talking Textbooks for Grades VI to X. Prashant Jain is a passionate mathematics teacher of PRMO, and his course based on PRMO on YouTube, with more than 500K views, is very popular among students.

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