Raja Ram Mohan Roy- Biography Series – Socio-Religious Reform Leaders – UPSC/IAS – Modern History

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the ideologies he stood for, and his inspiring efforts against the deplorable practice of ‘Sati’ in great detail.

Raja Rammohun Roy was the father of the renaissance of our modern India and a tireless social reformer who inaugurated the era of Enlightenment and liberal reformist modernization in India. Born in a Brahmin family, Raja Rammohun Roy had his early education in Persian and Arabic language at Patna where he studied the names of the Qur’an, Sufi mystic poets, and Arabic translations of the works of Plato and Aristotle. At Benares he studied Sanskrit and the Vedas and Read the Upanishads At the age of 16 he returned to his village and wrote a rational critique of Hindu idolatry until 1814. He worked as a footballer for the East India Company, resigned and devoted his life to religious socio-political reforms. England for the purpose of banning the Act relating.


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