Best Psychometric Assessment Test for Government Job

Aptitude tests are part of pre-employment psychometric assessments to determine if you are intelligently fit for a job. Almost 75% of the world’s top employers use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment process for high ranking jobs. Knowing that you are likely going to face one of these during a job interview – Then you can better prepare for one as well.

Psychology(मनोविज्ञान) “Type” and “Trait” theory

Trait(शीलगुण) theory ( व्यक्तित्व सिद्धांत )

Aptitude tests as part of psychometric (मानस-मिति संबंधी tests

Aptitude tests are rarely stand-alone and are usually part of so-called psychometric tests.

Aptitude test overview

Eysenck Hierarchy


Eg: Introversion

Mahatma Gandhi


  • P – Psychoticism (मनोविकार)
  • E – Extraversion (बहिर्मुखता)
  • N – Neuroticism (मनोविक्षुब्धता)

Eysenck’s Personality Theory

PEN Model In Hindi

Psychoticism – Normality/sociability

Psychoticism: High level of testosterone

Extraversion – Introversion

Extraversion: Under Aroused Nervous System

Neuroticism/Unstable – Stability/emotional stability

Neuroticism: Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System

Human Classification


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