Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning Notes PDF

Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning Notes PDF, Hello students, through this article, we are sharing verbal and nonverbal reasoning notes pdf for you, these reasoning notes are also useful for those students who are searching for reasoning book pdf , which you can use in our can be obtained through this website.

Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning Notes

These reasoning notes are also very helpful for students looking for Logical and Irrational Reasoning , Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning book pdf . Students, here we are providing you all types of notes pdf related to reasoning which can be useful from the point of view of your upcoming competitive exams, because reasoning is used to assess the decision making ability of students, so reasoning is done in almost all competitive exams. I am asked

Students, the utility of reasoning is very high in competitive examinations, which you can solve only through your logic and intelligence, but there are many questions which are also solved through reasoning tricks, for which either you do coaching. Are or use reasoning books, but by reading these reasoning notes we are providing you here, you will get the same benefit and many types of reasoning notes are being given in this too.

Questions from the following chapters are asked in competitive exams.

  • direction test
  • alphabet test
  • chain
  • Goodness
  • classification
  • Sign language
  • thread test
  • Calendar
  • group analysis
  • order arrangement
  • seating arrangement
  • puzzle test
  • blood relation
  • mathematical operations
  • meaningful sequence
  • money and dice
  • shape analysis
  • Venn diagram
  • Metrics
  • shape completion
  • Justice
  • statement and argument
  • statement-cum-action
  • Statement and Preconception

Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning Chapters

Verbal Reasoning Alphanumeric series
Reasoning Analogies
Artificial Language
Blood Relations
Cause and Effect
Data Sufficiency
Decision Making
Deductive Reasoning/Statement Analysis
You say
Embedded Images
Figure Matrix
Critical path
Cubes and cuboids
Mirror and Water Images
Odd One Out
Picture Series and Sequences
Paper Folding
Pattern Series and Sequences
Order & Ranking
Seating Arrangements
Shape Construction
Statement and Assumptions
Statement and Conclusions
Logical Reasoning Logic
Statement Argumaents
Statement Assumptions
Statement Courses of Action
Statement Conclusions
Driving Conclusions from passages
Theme Detections
Question Statements
Miscellaneous Logical Puzzles

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Reasoning Notes PDF Download
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