Xam Idea Class 9 Books Pdf Download – [ Maths, Science, English & Social Science]

Books Highlights: 
All NCERT questions are solved in a separate corner. Important NCERT EXEMPLAR Questions have also been included.
Objective type questions include:
Multiple Choice Questions
Assertion-Reason Questions
Passage-based Questions/Case Base Questions
Competency based Questions
Very Short Answer Questions based on latest CBSE Guidelines.
HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) based questions are given to think beyond rote learning.
Proficiency Exercise is given at the end of each chapter for ample practice of the student.
Self-assessment test is given chapter-wise to check the knowledge grasped by the student.
Three Periodic Tests which include Pen Paper Test and Multiple Assessment is given as a part of internal assessment.
Five Model Papers are also provided to prepare the student for the examination.


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